What is the Average Salary for Teaching Abroad in China?

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As our globalizing world grows smaller and smaller, English is increasing in value as the new lingua franca. The Chinese government has placed great emphasis on encouraging its citizens to learn English as a way to increase social and economic power. As a result, there is a massive shortage of teachers in China and numerous English teaching jobs are available throughout the nation. If you are considering teaching English aboard, China is one of the best options for you.
The competition among schools to draw in teachers is a benefit to you; salaries in China are comfortable and often include a variety of benefits in order to attract foreign teachers. The different schools and institutions in China offer varying levels of compensation, but most offer free airfare, accommodation, and paid holidays. China is a wonderful place to teach, earn (and maybe save up) some money, live well, and experience a new and indescribably fascinating culture.
Teaching English in China likely won’t provide you with a salary on par with what you could earn in your home country, but because of the relatively low cost of living in China, your teaching salary could go a long way.
On average, the typical salary for both public and private institutions is between RMB 10,000-RMB 15,000 ($1,400-$2,200) a month. However, some private institutions and international schools offer salaries closer to RMB 20,000 ($2,800) per month and as high as RMB 30,000 ($4,300) per month. Private tutors usually charge around RMB 150 ($22) per hour and depending on your skills and experience you can earn a bit more money on the side.
Here's a quick breakdown of salaries at different schools -- you can read the full article to learn more about each salary and what else is included if you choose to teach each way:
  • Public Schools: RMB 6,200-15,300 per month
  • Private Language Academies: RMB 6,200-16,000 per month
  • Universities: RMB 7,000-9,700 per month
  • International Schools: RMB 11,800-29,900 per month
  • Private Tutoring: RMB 140 per hour

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