Will the air quality in Beijing ever improve? How?

Has invited:
The measurements at Berkeley Earth show that the air quality has improved, over the past year, by about 10%. That is hopeful. It is difficult to determine what is the source of this improvement, but it is unlikely to be reduced use of coal. The Chinese have plans to increase coal use. Perhaps it is due to enforcement of rules requiring "scrubbers" that remove particulates at the coal plants. These have been installed at all new coal plants, but -- despite regulations -- had not been turned on, in order to save money. (See the Chinese movie "Under the Dome", available on YouTube, but currently banned in China.) 

I am worried that the reduction could be due to a temporary shift in local climate. A 10% change is not enough to give me confidence. A simple shift in the height of the Chinese air boundary layer could be responsible, and that could be temporary. 

I attach a map below that shows the Chinese air pollution on the day of their great parade. You can see that the Chinese can control air pollution, even locally. 

The problem is the conflict between the air pollution problem and the perceived (and, in my opinion, real) need for continued economic growth. Coal remains the cheapest form of energy.

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