Do you like Beijing? Why?

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I think Beijing is a great place to stay if you are a tourist. I said "to stay" rather than "to be", because you cannot really get the charm of it if you are here for only a 3 days. I think one month is just the perfect time you take to fall in love with this city. 

But then, 30 days is NOT like 30 years, or 3 years, maybe. 

Things grow very different if you stay in here for long enough. I have been staying in Beijing for almost 10 years. I have grown less and less fond of this city, however, still be willing to stay for a couple of years simply because there are not much places to go around this country. (Well, I'm just saying for myself. Those adventurous souls, please ignore.)

For mediocre people who struggles to make a somewhat different life away from home - like me, Beijing is the ultimate choice in China. You can always go to Shenzhen to be a world-class hardware innovator; you can go to Shanghai and start a coffee business of your own; you can go to Guangzhou and do some cultural stuff or even open a restaurant; you can go to Chendu and do whatever you like to dig out there...But Beijing is the only place you might do it ALL. 

It has the ultimate resources to back you up, and the trendiest consumers always hungry for more. Even when your company ends up earning money from the poor or lower-class consumers, well, you might wanna have some talks around in Beijing from time to time, because most of the smartest brains in this country are here. 

And then there's the life in here. It is not fun at all, but it's bearable. Poor but always-in-expansion public transportation, versatile but not so tasteful food, increasing rental prices...Hey, but that's what a metropolitan do, right...? 

My love with Beijing officially ended after the 8th year living in here. But with few choices, here I stay.

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