What are the differences between Shanghai and Beijing?

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I think Shanghai is much more about money and status than Beijing.  Of course, Beijing is the home of the government and officials driving around in black Audis but I'm talking more about the culture that seems to permeate the cities.  

I have lived in Beijing for several years and only spent a short amount of time in Shanghai.  However, from my experiences and what I can gather, Shanghai is a very fast-paced and modern city that is about "making it."  People who tend to go there (foreigners, anyway) are usually interested in business and finance, padding their resumes, that kind of thing.  People go to Beijing for life experience and to fill an open mind.  I meet a lot of people (Chinese and foreign) in Beijing who are just kind of floating around from job to job, trying to start businesses or getting involved in various projects, living cheaply off noodles and Yanjing beer in shoddy apartments.  I guess you could say Beijing is more bohemian.

Having said that, Beijing is still very cosmopolitan and fashionable.  Maybe in comparison to Shanghai it doesn't seem so but it has definitely come a very long way from "a bunch of small dusty villages!"

The nightlife is also very different.  Shanghai, which the exception of a good jazz scene, only seems to have dance clubs for showing off wealth via tables and bottle service and looking for drunk hook-ups.  Beijing certainly has this but also has a dazzling array of pubs, watering holes and music venues ranging from loud punk rock to Chinese folk for every taste.

I have to say that in my experience, Shanghai food has been terrible.  It is too sweet and salty; they put sugar in everything!  I think the food in Beijing is much, much better.  As was already addressed by a previous answer, the food in Beijing is much more refined and varied than noodles with brown sauce and Peking Duck.

I have also heard that Shanghai men are very feminine, cook and clean and are dominated by their wives.  This is a running joke throughout China.

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