Sacrifice to the kitchen god - 23rd December in Chinese Luna Calander

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Sacrifice to the kitchen god at 23rd December in Chinese Luna Calander, is a traditional custom that has a great influence on the Chinese people and is widely spread. The kitchen god that was enshrined in ancient China is the god of fire. In ancient times, the ancestors lived a day without a fire. Later, people will use the fire to enjoy more delicious food, so since ancient times, people have a sense of sacred awe for fire and Vulcan. 
On that day, first of all, people will find a best place for sacrifice. The kitchen god Image will bu put in the north or east of Kitchen, Secondly, people prepare sugar for kitchen god, 
In the evening of that day, put the food, sugar in front of the god, and share the wine to the god, then pray. After that, people share the wine for second time, and third time.
People burned all those thing together with the god horse and the money. The representative lead the god back to heaven and the ceremony was successfully completed.


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